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Specialist consultany in the field of

VANKEULEN advies bv

VANKEULEN advies bv has for 15 years become one of the leading agencies in the field of road traffic noise. We are called in both in the Netherlands and abroad (Belgium, Germany, Spain, Serbia, Ireland, United States, Brazil, Australia).

VANKEULEN advies bv is the only one that is independent of governments.What distinguishes us is: a lot of experience, a high level of knowledge and customer focus.

From simple calculations to complex technical-scientific studies, our approach focuses on you as a customer. Our communication is direct and understandable.

Full attention is paid to every (standard) measurement and calculation. So with us no mass production and low prices, but quality, personal attention and your interest are paramount. We work together with a number of carefully selected partners.This means that we can have an extensive range of measuring equipment for noise, vibrations and skid resistance, as well as software packages for all necessary calculations and modeling.


Road authorities

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Road authorities


Want to know more about road authorities?

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  • Strategic planning
  • Standard SPB and CPX measurements (ISO 11819)
  • Production control sound (PCG)
  • Assessing existing specifications with regard to noise
  • Assessment PR material silent road surfaces for clients
  • Assistance with hardening choice
  • Preparation of specifications with regard to noise
  • Assistance with calculations according to the Noise Pollution Act
  • Care courses and lectures


  • Strategic schedules adjustments to low-noise products
  • Development of low-noise road surfaces
  • Development of sound screens
  • Development of absorbent wall panels
  • Standard SPB and CPX measurements (ISO 11819)
  • Material research (in situ) absorption and texture
  • Certification of the new road surface types (C road surface)
  • Psychophysical assessment of silent products
  • Assistance with compiling PR material, acquisition and subsidy
  • Assessing specifications with regard to noise
  • Intermediary towards clients
  • Nursing lectures, lectures and courses

Want to know more about producers?

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Want to know more about private individuals?

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VANKEULEN Advies bv supports private individuals by holding a free "consultation hour". This looks at eg:

  • Submitting complaints of all kinds
  • Application for an environmental, catering or building permit
  • Hearing complaints

is of course also possible. Here too the first answer is of course free.

Information for companies, governments or action groups are excluded from this.

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