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Road traffic noise


The development and application of low-noise road surfaces is the answer from industry and government.


In order to be able to cope with traffic loads and temperature changes, road, bridge and viaduct constructors take into account horizontal, vertical and longitudinal forces to which their designs are exposed in practice.


Action plans often start from noise-reducing road surfaces to resolve bottlenecks.


There are currently a number of measurement methods to characterize a road surface with regard to noise.


The costs of low-noise road surfaces still lead to (too) many discussions.


VANKEULEN Advies bv has combined a number of subject areas (acoustic perception, room acoustics and quiet road surfaces).

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In collaboration with Westerveld Advies bv, a measurement method has been developed to measure the noise transmission of a noise screen. This transmission is a measure of how much sound "leaks" through the screen.

By using traffic as a source and a special calibration method, a screen can be measured with the same reliability as a method with multiple microphones, but without the practical limitations thereof. This allows us to measure a screen at multiple locations very quickly.

The measurement results are tested on the basis of calibration curves as they are also included in the Calculation and Measurement Regulations.


Alfa in situ

The purpose of the in situ method is to determine the acoustic absorption of a screen on site in a fast, non-destructive manner. A sound wave is sent on the screen via a source. Due to the acoustic absorption, only a part of it will reflect. The absorption value is determined from the ratio between reflecting and incident sound.We have a Microflown system at our disposal.

Impedance tube method

The purpose of the absorption measurements with the Tube of Kunt is to determine the acoustic absorption of a sample. This method is laid down in ISO standard 10534-1 / 2. De Buis van Kunt is a laboratory instrument that can be used to determine the sound absorption of cores or test specimens produced in the lab.

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Vibrations in buildings can be caused by passing road traffic, trains and trams or by construction work in the immediate vicinity. This can lead to serious vibration nuisance

Strong vibrations can even cause damage to buildings or sensitive equipment.

cause.We have a lot of experience with performing vibration measurements. The measuring equipment can work autonomously for days or measurements can be taken for a short time (eg a day) in the case of the worst case.

Vibration measurements are performed and assessed on the basis of the SBR measurement and assessment guidelines. The guidelines also set limit values for damage and for nuisance.

In the event of nuisance or damage due to vibrations, we provide advice on how to limit it.


The noise objectives for road and rail traffic have been set stricter than ever. In practice, this means less and less understanding of noise nuisance from traffic and more strict compliance with legal norms. Traditional solutions such as sound screens prove to be too expensive for sufficient noise reduction. Source measures are often the only realistic solution to the problem. The most important is the use of quiet road surfaces. Fortunately, the development of noise-reducing road surfaces is fast and the choice is no longer limited to ZOAB.

However, when silent road surfaces are used, stiffness, structural and acoustic durability and costs are also important. InfraGeluid responds to this and offers sound technical advice integrated with other road-building oriented disciplines.

The consultants at InfraGeluid have years of experience in their own fields and have written a total of more than 180 publications.

In short, with InfraGeluid you get a wide range of advice with quality, expertise, efficiency and cost savings as features.

The four affiliated offices contribute their own specific expertise, knowledge and experience in the field of road surface properties. This allows InfraGeluid to offer an extensive package of expertise, experience and measurement methods. This package includes:

  • design (quiet) road surfaces
  • SPB and CPX measurements
  • texture and absorption measurements
  • noise control and acoustics
  • vibrations
  • settlement-free lightweight road constructions
  • building physics
  • geotechnics
  • road construction advice
  • education and courses
  • project management and posting