Action plans often start from noise-reducing road surfaces to resolve bottlenecks. But the inclusion of clear noise requirements in specifications is less easy than it seems. Many examples can be found on the internet that ultimately do not produce the desired results: noise reduction and sustainability. Two properties that cannot simply be combined. In order to be able to include these clearly in the specifications, thorough technical knowledge of the silent products and practical knowledge in practice are necessary. VANKEULEN advice is the only agency that has all this knowledge in-house. We are therefore the only one able to create specifications that incorporate sustainability in the right way.

Work of art and lines can also be incukded in the specifications in a similar way.

A more extensive variant is the preparation of a policy memorandum for politics.

Our approach

The research will pay particular attention to the enforcement of more sustainable products in order to obtain a longer lifespan. Noise-reducing asphalt is now regularly used in the Netherlands with varying results in terms of sustainability. Such research is used in such an investigation.

Main goals

The main objective of such an investigation is to formulate requirements that must be set for the use of noise-reducing asphalt. These requirements provide on the one hand sufficient guarantee that the required noise reduction will be achieved (also in the long term) and on the other hand they give suppliers freedom to optimize their products, in particular with regard to sustainability.

We often also include the cost aspect.

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