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The development and application of low-noise road surfaces is the answer from industry and government.

The noise aspect is therefore an important aspect in infrastructural works. This is anchored in legislation and regulations in the Netherlands.

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Low-noise road surfaces

Vibrations in buildings can be caused by passing road traffic, trains and trams or by construction work in the immediate vicinity. This can lead to serious vibration nuisance

Strong vibrations can even cause damage to buildings or sensitive equipment.

cause.We have a lot of experience with performing vibration measurements. The measuring equipment can work autonomously for days or measurements can be taken for a short time (eg a day) in the case of the worst case.

Vibration measurements are performed and assessed on the basis of the SBR measurement and assessment guidelines. The guidelines also set limit values for damage and for nuisance.

In the event of nuisance or damage due to vibrations, we provide advice on how to limit it.


However, the choice does not only play a role in how quiet a quiet road surface is, but also how quiet it stays. Reduction of the sound-reducing capacity of a road surface is caused by changes in the texture of the surface due to fraying (loss of stones) and / or by reducing the porosity due to pollution.The sensitivity of road surface types for both causes of reduced noise reduction can be included in the choice of a road surface type.


A new development is another way in which the client and contractor interact with each other in road construction. More and more responsibilities are being placed with the road builders. One can think of Design and Construct (DC) and Design, Construct and Maintain (DCM) contracts. The emphasis is increasingly on functional procurement.

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