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The costs of low-noise road surfaces still lead to (too) many discussions. Important when implementing action plans is a thorough cost analysis. And that goes much further than: "how much quiet asphalt can I get for my budget?". Most of the analyzes that are offered in this area are incomplete, impractical and therefore unusable.

The target

The sustainability of a correct cost analysis can be promoted. This fits in with the concept "Rational handling of quiet road surfaces" that we have developed based on years of experience.

That is why VANKEULEN offers a reliable cost analysis in collaboration with a cost expert in the field of infrastructure. To this end, a number of Excell-based estimation models (Quick Estimate) have been developed with which you can determine costs for infrastructure projects quickly and reliably.

Want to know more about the costs?

Please contact us soon!

Want to know more about the costs?

Please contact us soon!

In summary

VANKEULEN advice has the most practical knowledge and experience in-house on the application of noise-reducing road surfaces and can therefore make a reliable cost analysis. This includes various aspects such as lifetime and maintenance. We have carried out such an analysis for various municipalities and provinces.

So no minimum number of dBs per Euro, but a thorough analysis in which sustainability is paramount.

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