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Sound and road surfaces

This lecture and course is intended for all those who deal with road traffic noise.

  • do you develop silent products for road construction?
  • or do you apply quiet roads in calculations?
  • or do you make a choice for a road surface type?
  • or do you want to include quiet roads in your (source) policy?

... then these lectures and courses are for you!

Register for the course?

Please contact us soon!

Register for the course?

Please contact us soon!

The Noise and Roads course, among others, is intended for people who want to expand their knowledge in the field of road traffic noise, because they work for developers in road construction (acoustic), consultancy firms that apply noise-reducing roads in calculations according to the law on noise pollution, road managers who make the choice for a certain road surface type, policymakers who include noise-reducing roads in their (source) policy, sector organizations that inform their members in this area.

Here is an overview of topics:Road

  • traffic noiseA
  • coustic properties
  • Measurement methods
  • Noise-reducing road surface types
  • Applications
  • Specify
  • New developments

Overview students

Adromi; Stichting Advisering Bestuursrechtspraak; Gemeente Alkmaar; Gemeente Almelo; Ballast Nedam; BAM Wegen; Bituned; Gemeente Breda, Bruil Infra; BVA Verkeersadviezen; Beton Son; DCMR; DHV; ECCRA; Esha; Aannemingsmaatschappij Van Gelder; Grontmij; Milieudienst Haaglanden; Gemeente Heusden; De Hoop; Janssen de Jong Infra; KWS Infra; Gemeente Leeuwarden; Betonwarenindustrie Maas en Waal; Morsinkhof Beton; Nonneman Infradvies; Provincie Noord-Brabant; Omgevingsdienst Noordzeekanaalgebied; Ooms Construction; NTP Infra; Projectburo, Reef Infra; Rijkswaterstaat, DWW; Rijkswaterstaat, Directie Oost-Nederland; RMB; Gemeente Rotterdam; Surface Cracks; Sweco; Gemeente Tilburg; TPA Nederland; Asfaltcentrale Twente; Gemeente Westland; Witteveen+Bos; Gemeente Zaanstad; Milieudienst Zuid-Holland Zuid; Gemeente Zutphen.

Overview of in-house courses

Betonwarenindustrie Maas en Waal; Boskalis; DHVHaskoning; Gemeente Enschede; Gemeente Groningen; Gemeente Hengelo; KWS Infra; Provincie Limburg; TU Delft; Gemeente Tilburg; Provincie Utrecht; Vescom.

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